"Joan Roth has looked at the world as if women mattered. Across all the boundaries of geography and language, there is a common world of women.
We see into its intimacy through her eyes."    
                                             -- Gloria Steinem --

"Wherever women have been, Joan Roth has been there, camera in hand,
eyes on the prize, taking political moments and making them into art."

                                                                                                                    --Rob Goldblum --

"Joan Roth is trying to preserve history at the same time as she creates it. . . the faces that look out from her photos are not bland stares or pretty smiles from fashion magazines, but are candid and intense expressions of women true to the deeper meanings of femininity than Cindy Crawford."
                                                                                      -- Loren Smith, The Dreitzer Gallery --

"Joan Roth has the gift of seeing the significant moment, the meaningful gesture, the fleeting look, which conveys an in-depth character, a lifetime of experience, an entire culture. Photographs of women are her speciality. Here she gives full vent to her fellow feeling, her empathy, her understanding -- of different cultures, lifestyles, societies and generations -- yet always with a profound undercurrent of the archetypal, the 'eternal' feminine."
                                                                                                             -- Alice Shalvi, Israel --

"Joan Roth's camera has helped us to understand. . . to see in the most moving way. . . that while we're helping millions of our people, as we're saving hundreds of thousands of Jews, we're also reaching out to individuals, to single souls one at a time! Through Joan Roth's moving sensitive eye, you'll meet some of them in an unforgetable tribute to Jewish women."
                                                             -- Lion of Judah Conference, Washington, DC, 1993--