-25"x47" Wall-Size Poster features women from around the world lighting Sabbath and Festival candles.

-Includes more than 40 Black & White photos and inspirational biblical quotes, Sabbath & Festival Candle-Lighting chart, and blessings.


Sabbath and Festival Candle-Lighting Poster
By Joan Roth

A giant poster of women worldwide lighting Sabbath and Festival candles which reflect the unifying principle of Candle-Lighting from the beginning of time. Women from Bukhara, Israel, India, Morocco, Cuba, Mexico, Moscow, Girba, the United States, and more...

Some women light two candles, some women light Menorahs, some women light candelabras, and Emunah Witt lights fourteen candles, one for each of her children, and one for those women who need candles lit for them.

Joan Roth makes art out of the Sabbath with her beautiful, memorable, and heart-rending photos. This year, fill your home with a special kind of light!


Photos from the Poster

On their Bat Mitzvah, girls receive and light Sabbath candles, Mexico.

A Bukharan woman lights cotton wicks and oil for the Sabbath.

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