Jewish Women: A World of Tradition and Change, By Joan Roth
11 1/4"x12 1/2
232 Pages
Over 200 Black and White Photos


Jewish WOmen: A World of Tradition and Change
by Joan Roth
This stunning photographic essay is the result of a
daring journey into disappearing Jewish communities
throughout the world.

Roth uncovers an astonishing array of women.
Filled with feeling, the more than two hundred images
here radiate a powerful and unique portrait of the beauty
of Jewish Women. Roth richly depicts both the personal
and historical dimensions of these women as they
persevere and adapt centuries-old traditions amid
varied cultural surroundings.

"The effect," in the words of Rocky Mountain News
art critic Mary Voeltz Chandler, "is like opening a
jewelery box filled with so many secrets women knew
but never told each other."

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